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Baby Room


Our Baby room provides care for babies from 4 months to around 2 years of age in a warm, safe and stimulating environment.

The room is spacious but has plenty of cosy areas for the children to use. We also have our own lovely garden with lots of fabulous activites appropriate for this age range enabling the children to choose where they want to play.

For the younger babies, we have a sensory area to stimulate their senses and minds. The man room has toys which reflect the age of the children with plenty for them to experience.

Each child has their own cot or, for the older children, bed mats in our separate sleep room for when the children need a rest from the fun.




Toddler Room

Our Toddler room provides care for children from 2 years to around 3 years of age. We are proud of our bright, stimulating, busy room where they learn to socialize and play together. Each child is encouraged to progress at their own pace as an individual and activities will be tailored to your child’s needs.

The Toddler garden is accessible throughout the day and, like the room is set in specific zones with some amazing uniquely designed equipment to keep enquiring minds busy.

From the age of two your child will want to demonstrate that they have the ability to carry out a variety of tasks and activities. This is an exciting time in which your toddler will grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

After a busy morning, our toddler room has some quiet time when those that need it will have the opportunity to sleep, those that do not want to sleep will be encouraged to play quietly in a more relaxing envrinment before the afternoon's fun begins.

  • Intellectual development will be encouraged through all the opportunities your child will have during the day to play.
  • Social Skills will be learnt through your child observing, listening, playing and interacting with their peers and the staff in the room.
  • Emotional experiences include sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others.
  • Physical development comes from everything they do – from playing to learning to dress themselves.

Along with the activities we plan ourselves at Acorns we also have a weekly 'Zumbini' class where the children are encouraged to join in with various musical instruments, dance and movements.  These classes are enjoyed by children and staff alike.





Preschool Room / GF Preschool

Our pre-school room provides care and education for children from around 3 years to school age. Four members of staff work with 24 children in an environment that fosters their growing independence and helps them prepare for school.

The room is a little more structured than the other rooms in the nursery and we have areas of learning, for example both the book and home corners, the communication area, the numeracy area, the small world area, the construction area and the ICT area.

Preschool also have their own garden which they are encouraged to explore.

Play within the pre-school room supports all aspects of your childs development, they can decide which area of the room they would prefer to play in and select which materials to play with.

The staff will interact with your child in order to support and extend their learning, ask questions and talk informally with them introducing new vocabulary.

Our aim is to prepare your child socially and emotionally for their next learning journey through school with enough confidence to undertake various new tasks they will encounter.

Concept for Football Tiny Tekkers visit our pre-school room each week for a games 'lesson' - the children love these sessions where they are encouraged to play games and work together as teams.

Other external visitors include ZooLab, who brought along various animals (a tarantula, a snake, a giant cockroach and a rabbit..) incorporated into a fascinating story which kept the children enthralled. 

We had a 'trip to the beach' in the Summer for our leavers.  This was a travelling interactive drama show, you could hear the children joining in and having a wonderful time!


Opening Times:   

  Monday   7.30am - 6pm
  Tuesday   7.30am - 6pm
  Wednesday   7.30am - 6pm
  Thursday   7.30am - 6pm
  Friday   7.30am - 6pm

We are open 51 weeks a year (excluding bank holidays)


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